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Hmm seems like AAVE could be almost prepared for a very nice moove

⚡️⚡️ #BTC/USDT ⚡️⚡️
Exchanges: Binance Futures
Leverage: Isolated (25X)


Take-Profit Targets:
1) 24050
2) 24630
3) 26500
4) 27800

Stop Targets:
1) 22930

Trailing Configuration:
Stop: Moving Target -
Trigger: Target (1)

⚡️⚡️ #FTM/USDT ⚡️⚡️
Exchanges: Binance Futures
Leverage: Isolated (15X)

LONG 0.3380

Take-Profit Targets:
1) 0.3540
2) 0.3845
3) 0.4260
4) 0.5110

Stop Targets:
1) 0.3305

Trailing Configuration:
Stop: Moving Target -
Trigger: Target (1)
In next 24 hours will come bigger move
Prepared for big move
⚡️⚡️ #ETH/USDT ⚡️⚡️
Exchanges: Binance Futures
Leverage: Isolated (15X)

LONG 1596

Take-Profit Targets:
1) 1619
2) 1693
3) 1800
4) 1870

Stop Targets:
1) 1586

Trailing Configuration:
Stop: Moving Target -
Trigger: Target (1)


Okex SPOT is so aggresivelly selling on BTC at the moment


BTC is about to print a bearflag after 2 months

It should dump more..

The only question is if 18k - 17k area will hold this or bears will take another dip to 12.5k

Just join us finally lol, for what are you waiting....
❗️Market update ❗️

BTC dominance is rising meanwhile BTC dumping and BTC could soon break two months bearflag and go to the monthly lows, or lower!

If this will happen than altcoins will make huge downfalls!

Be careful!

Holding matic short since last week!

Have a nice day

After significant dump there is being printed small bear flag at the edge of huge bear flag...

Breakdown of that today could bring us to retest 20k or 17.5k minimall


Weekend is there and it seems like we will not see any significant move until next week...

So just sit, relax and wait ;)

Most likely we will continue downside, however for me is still big question how deep will that downside be because of fundamentals which ones are still showing up more bullishness than ever.....


BTC is showing up some potential line to breakdown...

We are currently retesting area of previous support on LTF.

Another break down could bring us to 17.6k area...

That is rly last one bigger support on macro timeframe before 12.5k and 10.5k. Right now we dont see any other significant supports, if 17.6k area will be broken...

I still think it could hold us but we will see if this low timeframe trendline will be broken down.

Have a nice day @rastiorastio