Little Bit of REN Technical Analysis


This is my reading from yesterday for REN


Yes a lot of lines, but I will explain why :

First triangle on top, I took 2 entries in it, expecting a pump. I had my second triangle drawn exactly for the reason that it could dump, so it did! I placed 2 other entries below down to the last wick at 72 cents. This way, we are safe to catch some drops and wicks and when it pumps back, our DCA will pay

These are my entries:

1) 1.0865 – DONE
2) 1.04 – DONE
3) 0.9050 – PENDING
4) 0.7200 –  PENDING (put a larger amount to compensate for this entry)

My TP : 1.15 and 1.22 (2 resistances) split 50-50

That’s it for this one!

You take care.