ALGO Should Pump Again Soon

Algo Image

This is my idea of ALGO for today (could take a few days as well to complete)

We see a nice trendy channel here. I pulled my FIB retrace as well just to see where I could take my entries and TPs.

My initial entries were at

1) 1.1178 – DONE
2) 1.0114 –  DONE
3) 0.9118 – Still pending (waiting for potential wick)
4) 0.7500 – Safety entry in case of a major crash (almost at-45%)

For the fourth entries, I truly recommend you place a bigger amount they the 3 others to compensate and DCA properly.

My TP is at 1.2424 which is the resistance of the trend (pink top-line)

Weekend is coming, be carful, market is always volatile

Have a wonderful weekend



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